One of the biggest Fintech gatherings of the year is due to happen next year in San Francisco. It is called Finovate. On the top of the usually good agenda, classic networking sessions and “expert” lead workshops there few companies that many are keen to see over there. The names, that I am keen on learning more about are:

Altr a company that takes unique approach to cyber security. Blockchain based data security that permanently neutralizes privacy and breach exposures. It is mean to secure enterprise networks, which are increasingly vulnerable in many financial institutions.

Agora a company founded by one of my connections Mr. Arcady Lapiro. It is designed to empower regional banks and credit unions roll out quickly digital solutions. High growth potential.

AgentIQ offers a fully fledged digital customer experience solution. For example you can start a conversation with your bank via your mobile and continue that on a later stage via the online banking. They also offer a conversational AI tool which is specifically designed for regional banks and credit unions.

Everfi this company aims to provide financial education targeted at the banks’ customers. It is right at a sweet spot, as banks and financial institutions can leverage their platform to offer free of charge education to their customers and therefore get them to eventually start using more complex financial products thus generating additional revenue.

Flybits is a similar solution to AgentIQ. It offers targeted digital experience for financial institutions so that they can offer fully personalized products to their customers. It solves the challenge of managing and harnessing data to deliver insightful analytics.

About the author

Boris Grozev is a seasoned fintech executive. Entrepreneur by heart Boris has helped number of businesses to create and implement business development and product strategies. His advisory work in Emerging and Frontier markets has promoted culture and technology change, fostered innovation and lead to tangible results. He invests in variety of asset classes. Boris is a fast learner, whose leadership abilities, ambition, stamina, passion to succeed and attitude naturally spread to others helping to achieve common goals.

Boris is a financial professional fascinated with new technology, investor and a highly energetic individual with proven track record of overachieving extended sales and product delivery targets both as an individual as well as managing teams.

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