“Credibility is a leaders currency” John C Maxwell

The Background

In sales as well as in live one of the most important skills to master is knowing how to be credible. Throughout my career, I have learned a in financial technology and in sales I have found some basic strategies that tend to be transferable to other sectors and in most cases work really well. Building credibility for sure takes time, consistent effort and skills. Have a look at the list that I have compiled and let me know what you think.

The strategies

1.Don’t say anything nice about your service.

Don’t say one blasted thing nice about your service or solution because doing so only destroys your credibility. Don’t pass out any of your “aren’t we wonderful” marketing brochures either. They have the same negative impact. This is especially important in your early conversations with buyers.

2.Focus on being helpful in every interaction with a prospect.

Let your prospect know about the results your other clients achieved using your services. Talk about the prospect's critical business issues. Share ideas, insights, and information that you think would be beneficial to them. Ask questions. But most of all, make sure they have no doubt that your intent is to provide value to them.

3.Be truthful, even when it hurts.

Your service or solution is not perfect for everyone. When you’re under corporate or self-induced pressure to close more sales, it can be hard to remain truthful and avoid doing and saying anything to win the sale. But you must keep the buyer’s interest at the forefront. Sometimes that even means recommending a competitor because it’s the best option for the prospect and the right thing to do.Developing trust is essential. Without it, you don’t have a chance to get the business. With it, you’ll have an opportunity to grow long-term, highly profitable relationships. It’s worth the effort.

Take Aways

These are the three little basics I find work well in most circumstances and situation while building a relationship. Wondered what whether you have any strategies help you to build credibility. Looking forward to reading you. Also, if you think that this information can help someone, feel to share.

About the Author:

Boris Grozev is a seasoned fintech executive. Entrepreneur by heart Boris has helped number of businesses to create and implement business development and product strategies. His advisory work in Emerging and Frontier markets has promoted culture and technology change, fostered innovation and lead to tangible results. He invests in variety of asset classes. Boris is a fast learner, whose leadership abilities, ambition, stamina, passion to succeed and attitude naturally spread to others helping to achieve common goals.

Boris is a financial professional fascinated with new technology, investor and a highly energetic individual with proven track record of overachieving extended sales and product delivery targets both as an individual as well as managing teams.

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