“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Recently, watched an interview with Warren Buffet. It was one of this talk shows where he  was asked about his journey, life story and it ultimately turned out as a conversation around his success formulae. The message he gave to to the audience was really interesting. The answer to the question how to invest like Warren Buffet was rather surprising – follow a simple set of basic rules. What is even more interesting is that he seems to be very consistent with voicing the same message on number of media and public talks appliances.  Hence, decided to verify whether this message was constant in his media appearances. Following your own set of basic rules seems to be a really important factor getting you the best chances to become successful in whatever you do.

The importance of basics is something which is reasonated by many. My first sales managed also used to say,  “Do the basics right and you will be surprised”. This is why I decided to think carefully what are my current basics in sales,  and whether they work.  When I look back they, it looks like over the last number of years they have worked really well, not only for myself but also often for some of the team members of the teams I  have managed. Have a look at my sales basics:

1. Focus on your potential client, think what would you do if you were on his place and someone was trying to pitch you your product.  Would you buy the product? What would you make the product you are selling?

2. Listen instead of talking

3. After you have listened be curious and ask insightful questions to get commitment from your prospective client

4. Be an expert in both your industry and in your product

5. Be PRO-ACTIVE, take the initiative and propose meaningful and constructive solutions instead of being pushy

6. When you don’t know, be honest, admit it and if possible find the right person able to help your potential client

7. Highlight the benefits for your prospect if he was to use your product

8. Always be professional – the way you look, the jokes you make, the way you write an email, the time you arrive on a meeting, it just puts all the chances on your side

9. Prepare your meeting or call not your agenda

10. Bring the good vibe and avoid to give up on calling

11. ABC – always be closing

12. The wow factor – under promise and over deliver

13. Do use Social Media to create a you as a brand and expand your prospective client reach

It took me about a year to start applying these rules all together. Do you think these rules could also work in tour industry? What your basics are?

About the Author:

Boris Grozev is a seasoned fintech executive. Entrepreneur by heart Boris has helped number of businesses to create and implement business development and product strategies. His advisory work in Emerging and Frontier markets has promoted culture and technology change, fostered innovation and lead to tangible results. He invests in variety of asset classes. Boris is a fast learner, whose leadership abilities, ambition, stamina, passion to succeed and attitude naturally spread to others helping to achieve common goals.

Boris is a financial professional fascinated with new technology, investor and a highly energetic individual with proven track record of overachieving extended sales and product delivery targets both as an individual as well as managing teams.

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