First post on 3rd of October 2013

A blog used to be something personal, a place where you can just write down. Right now it is something between, a collection of links, dirty talks ( few popular ones in the recent past), visionary business thinking (what seems to be the trend today), conspiracy theorists ( 2012, the end of the world…), political dramas or “extremists” spreading revolutionary ideas…
This blog aims to become l’agent provocateur reviving and reinforcing YOUR critical thinking abilities. It could also act as little sparkle bringing high spirits to YOUR mind, body or relationships with others. Finally, this blog strive to share behavioural, business or life thoughts and ideas which will hopefully help YOU excel in your own life journey.

Five years on

Will keep the above online as it shows  the idea I had at the time on what a blog is. It also stays as a reminder that for the last couple of years, I did not focus on what of the things I love doing – writing. From now on, no excuses. Today, this blog has clearly come a long way from what its initial focus apparently was. I will aim to share what I am learning day in day out as professional in the financial technology industry, the really valuable stuff that would unlikely be found elsewhere. The ups and downs, the successes and the failures that naturally come in blue chip corporate environment. The ethics and corporate cultures that shape a small part of the world of today’s finance. What I am learning as a long term focused investor on a variety of markets, what does it take for an average professional to start thinking as an investor. The journey about that transformation and the price to pay, the effort, the time necessary and the inevitable financial losses that provide the most valuable lessons. How I am helping, when asked the entrepreneurs  who surround me get their business started and achieve better results. How to make a business strategy from scratch, how to sell a product to be made, how to open a bank account or register a company in an offshore jurisdiction, how what you do to make this things happen, sometimes fails and what you thought was right is wrong and you have to start again from scratch. And of course you can know who some of these entrepreneurs are and you can even have a look at them. For example, how Martin left his well paid investment consulting London based job and how he is now building a data driven sports betting tracker  as well as a website where high quality branded watches can be bought at reasonable costs. Also, what does it take for a young woman Evgeniia aka Jane to start a cotton trading firm in an Asian men dominated environment. What are the challenges to penetrate a century old business and reshape decades long relationships. You can also learn how blockchain will change the world from Allen, with whom I discover a lot about new technology and whom I help when I can with strategy and product development. On that note, it is really fascinating to see what changes can happen to the supply chain and healthcare industries.  As I firmly, believe that health is our greatest wealth, what I am learning as a martial arts practitioner, experienced business traveler, fitness and healthy life style enthusiast. I guess it will be interesting to discover how difficult is to sometimes stay in good shape while changing planes and countries and time zones couple of times a month.

The journey

Also, to me life is a journey and every day is worth living when you learn something new. One of the skills that this blog makes me learn is digital marketing and web technology. I am at the very start. Yet another journey that I am starting. So this is why any feedback is more than desirable. Please let me know what you like what you do not like, how can I improve my writing, anything else that comes to mind… This is something that I will really appreciate. Please comment, like, dislike, share and lets keep in touch. Thank you for taking the time.

About the author

Boris Grozev is a seasoned fintech executive. Moreover, he is an entrepreneur by heart. Boris has helped number of businesses. To clarify, he has created and implemented business development and product enhancement strategies. In addition, his advisory work in emerging and frontier markets has resulted in culture and technology change. Above all, it has fostered innovation and lead to tangible results. He also invests in variety of asset classes and shares his experiences from the journey to financial independence. Boris’ leadership abilities, ambition naturally spread to others. He is a fast learner. His stamina, attitude and passion to succeed help to achieve common goals.

Boris is a financial professional fascinated with new technology, investor and a highly energetic individual with proven track record of overachieving extended sales and product delivery targets both as an individual as well as managing teams.

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